LE GPS Rec is the receiver app on iOS to show the capabilities of LE GPS app about GPS data location transmission over Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0).

No need of WiFi or GPS chipset on your iPad, you’ll get your location position from your iPhone!


On one hand, install LE GPS app on a device with GPS capabilities (an iPhone for example). It must also have Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4S and higher).

On the other hand, install LE GPS Rec app (on an iPad for example, version 3 and higher for Bluetooth 4.0).

Launch the app when you have some network to cache the maps tiles. You’re ready to go for a walk!

Turn on the emitter app (LE GPS), then turn on the receiver app (LE GPS Rec). The pairing is automatic, you must see your position on the map on the iPad!


LE GPS Rec sur iPad

The app shows a map with your location in real time once connected to LE GPS.

It shows your location coordinates in different formats (see options), your altitude and speed.

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