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Roadbook is a simple and efficient app to navigate and move precisely to pre-set GPS points (waypoints). Follow the guide and enjoy the ride! Designed for fans of outdoor activities such as: hikking, road and mountain biking, geocaching, motorcycling, all-road, friends trip and more, this all around the world!


Digital roadbook manager

Roadbooks list

Roadbook app is designed to store any digital roadbook. It supports GPX and KML import file format, and store them locally in a database for quick load.

There are many ways to import files into Roadbook: download the links from Safari and the file attachment from Mail.

It is also possible to import / export the files when your device is plugged into your computer. iTunes will show Roadbook app file sharing module.

Roadbook details

Roadbook details

Roadbook details can be accessed and edited. Add a description about your roadbook, set it as bookmarked, add relevant tags for easy search.

Turn on the offline map option to download the maps covering your roadbook area. You will be able to navigation with maps even if you can’t access any network where you ride (wild places!!).

Roadbooks creation

New roadbook creation

Create new roadbooks directly from your device. Give it the name you want, a description and tags. You can also activate offline maps.


Insert manually new waypoints, add name, description and comment for your next trip.

You can also use your live position to create a new roadbook.


SearchSearch into your roadbooks catalogue with name, tags, length or bookmarks filters.



Configure the app units display  and behavior as you want.


Roadbook app is design for very simple navigation. Your aim is to go through each waypoint registered in the roadbook, and your GPS is here to help you.

Navigation directions

The navigation view is divided into 3 views.

The main view contains the orientation bubble to guide you to the target waypoint. The direction arrow show you the turn angle you’ll have to do when you reach your waypoint to find the next one. The metrics view contain partial and full roadbook distances (tap on the view to switch between done and remaining distance), current speed, current GPS position and objective waypoint info.

The main view is designed to go into full screen on iPhone/iPod touch screens after few seconds without user actions.


The waypoints list view shows you all available waypoints to reach. Select the one you want to jump directly to this one.

Navigation listThe map view is designed to help you with a global view of your trip. This view is directly integrated on the main view on the iPad.

Navigation-mapTo stop the navigation, simply tap on the roadbook tab to come back to the list manager.



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