Direction module

Buble module to get to the next waypoint. Follow the arrow.


  • Direction buble pointed to the next waypoint
  • Cardinals – North, South, Est, West
  • Current heading – true North, degrees
  • Current waypoint number

Orientation module

Get information about the next turn and your next objective waypoint.


  • Next point orientation: represent the next turn angle when you’ll arrive to your objective waypoint


Metrics module

Get information about your path. Slides right / left to change the view.


  • Partial
    • remaining: distance between you and the next waypoint
    • done: distance done since last waypoint
    • Tap on the view to switch between remaing and done
  • Roadbook progress
    • remaining: distance between you and the last waypoint
    • done: distance done since the start
  • Speed: instantaneous speed
  • Current GPS position : your current position with latitude, longitude, precision
  • Objective waypoint: your next waypoint information with latitdue, longitude, description

Roadbook editor

New roadbook

Create a new track, name it as you want

New roadbook creation


Add waypoints

Add waypoints in two ways:

  • Manual mode (pin point button on the center). Press the center button, a new pin drops. Place it where you want. Tap this pin and enter its name, description and comments.
  • Live mode (pin point button on the right). Your live GPS position is used when you click on the button to add a new waypoint to your roadbook at your exact position.


Record roadbook

Press the save button to record the roadbook you’ve created. It will be saved in the GPX format and shown automatically in your roadbooks list.



Units display

Choose between:

  • Metrics
  • Imperial
  • Nautic mile


GPS precision

Set the required GPS precision for your navigation. Influence the battery life. For best accuracy and high precision, you’ll need your device to be plugged in.


Switch distance

Set the distance (10, 50 or 100 m) between you and the current objective waypoint to switch to the next waypoint.


Power saving

Prevent the auto-lock to shut down the app while you are navigating


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